This section describes the model of the system with the stakeholders

  1. Producer (Renewable Power Device)
  2. Consumer
  3. Trader
  4. Staker (Curator)

The model is based on the high level use case of balancing the renewable power production with their consumption making use of Energy Web standards and contracts. So the main stakeholders are Producer and Consumer. Consumers want to be sure that the power is generated by a trustworthy Producer and will pay for the amount of consumed power accordingly. This is serviced by the Trader, who will match power consuming orders to power production and verify certificates.

Over to Ocean protocol, the Staker will stake on datasets that are mirrored by the renewable power production devices of the Producer and are proven to be trustworthy. As Ocean states: "Ocean data curation is the act of adding / removing liquidity in a datatoken-OCEAN pool." By staking in a "Device-datatoken-OCEAN pool" Stakers signal that the dataset is trustworthy and based on that signal the Producer is building her reputation useful for further trading and certifying.

For the sake of simplicity we leave the Energy Planning Partner out for the moment, we assume they exist but are not relevant for the use cases described.